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Holiday Centerpieces

In the next few weeks our dining rooms are going to be full of friends and family for the holidays. With the thought of all your future guests, you may be stressing over finding time to make sure that your home is full of decorations for the holiday. Easily enhance your tables with some simple centerpieces. You can find most of the items we feature in our holiday centerpieces at your local Hobby Lobby store. […]

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Discover 6 Essential Tips to Make your Home Beautiful for the Holidays

If you’ve got guests coming for the fall or winter holidays, you’re already thinking about making sure your home creates just the right ambiance to set the tone for holiday fun. Even if only immediate family will be there, making your home look special is a part of every holiday celebration. These 6 tips will help you make sure that your home is beautiful and inviting this holiday season, while still leaving you plenty of […]

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