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Save Money with these Easy DIY Garden Tools

The right garden tools are essential for nurturing beautiful flowers and scrumptious vegetables. It’s easy to spend a fortune on fancy garden tools, but sometimes the perfect tool for the job is already right under your nose. Read on to find out how to make several super-handy garden tools for little or no cost and very little effort, and keep lots of green in your wallet as well as in your garden! Re-purposed Garden Tools […]

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Get Ready for Summer Fun with 4 Easy Outdoor Spring Cleaning Hints

If the warmer temperatures, bright sunshine and greening of spring give you the urge to clean, you’re not alone. If you want to make spring cleaning easier, especially outdoor spring cleaning, a little planning will save lots of elbow grease. Make outdoor spring cleaning a breeze with these four simple tips to ensure that you’re ready for warm weather fun: 1. Get the Grill Ready Barbecues and picnics are as much a part of summer […]

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Maximize Your Outdoor Space with These 6 Essential Garden Tools

Now that spring is well underway, you’ve probably been hard at work outside getting your lawn and garden in tip-top shape for summer. Keeping your green spaces beautiful is about much more than just firing up the lawn mower; you’ll also need tools for digging, planting and weeding. Whether you’re planting tomatoes, flowers or shrubs, or just taking care of the plants you already have, the right tool for the job will save you time, […]

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