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6 Ways to Beat Jack Frost and Break Out of the Winter Doldrums

Most of us have been facing a pretty tough winter this year, with ice as far south as Louisiana and Texas, and the Northeast and Midwest buried beneath a never-ending blanket of snow. The sheer frustration of dealing with the slick roads and frigid weather can make you feel like just chucking it all and hibernating with a cup of hot chocolate until April. But there are lots of ways to make your job easier […]

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Add Style to Any Room with These Easy No-Sew Horizontal Stripe Curtains

You love the contemporary horizontal stripe curtains you’ve seen on home décor websites, but can’t seem to find just the right color and design combination to fit your room. Or maybe you did find the perfect curtains, only to nearly faint when you saw the price tag. If you’re not a magician on the sewing machine, you may have felt intimidated by the idea of making your own curtains. But fear not: you don’t have […]

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