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Check out these 4 Easy Steps to Creating a Beautiful Container Garden

Container gardens are compact, mobile showcases for beautiful blooms and striking foliage. You don’t have to be a master gardener or a landscape architect to craft a container garden that will be the perfect highlight for your outdoor space. Use these 4 simple steps and create a container garden you and your family will love! Why We Love Container Gardens There are so many things to love about container gardens. They need little space, so […]

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Build a Vertical Garden and Turn a Small Space into a Big Harvest!

Whether you’re growing scrumptious veggies, flavorful herbs or gorgeous flowers and succulents, gardening is a very rewarding pastime. Sometimes, though, your love of plants can be bigger than your available square footage. If you’re looking for ways to maximize the space you have while growing a sustainable, resource-friendly garden, look no further! Whether you want to plant indoors or outdoors, these tools of the trade will help you bust through the limits of plain old […]

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