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Flower Spotlight: Nasturtium has all the Beauty and none of the Fuss!

If you aren’t familiar with nasturtium, then you’ll be thrilled to get to know this hardy, versatile beauty. Nasturtium rewards even novice gardeners and poor soil with vibrantly-colored, fragrant blooms. And nasturtium has a few “hidden talents,” as well! Read more to learn about one of our favorite flowers. Nasturtium: The Low-Maintenance Beauty Nasturtium are one of the most no-fuss flowers available. Got poor soil? No problem! Nasturtium actually prefer nutrient-poor soil, so you don’t […]

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4 Super Ways to Attract Butterflies–Let Nature Beautify Your Garden!

Spring’s flowers will be blooming soon, and with the blooms come the butterflies. These beautiful little bugs come in nearly every color, and few things are more calming than watching them flutter lazily along under the summer sun. Butterflies are also an excellent way to teach your kids about nature; the butterfly’s life cycle and migration are fascinating to young and old minds alike. But you don’t have to just sit on your deck and […]

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