How to Survive Winter’s Extended Deep Freeze

How to Survive Winter’s Extended Deep Freeze

The groundhog sure did make the right call this year, and it’s starting to seem like spring might never get here. But don’t worry—we’ve taken care of it for you!

From snow removal tips, to warm-your-belly recipes, drafty room cures, and strategies for beating winter allergies, these cold weather life hacks will keep you cozy until Jack Frost finally makes his exit.

Maximize your Snow Removal Method

A lot of people have been dealing with way more snow than usual this year, and lots of folks who aren’t used to any snow at all are also battling the white stuff.

Using the right snow removal method that fits your fitness level and the size and type of driveway that you have makes all the difference between a chore that is an annoyance, and a chore that can become overwhelming or even result in injury.

This article compares 4 home snow removal methods, and will help you get the job done right with minimum grief.

Warm yourself from the Inside Out

The record-low temperatures can leave you feeling chilled to the bone, especially when you come back inside after clearing away the snow. These 12 irresistible hot chocolate recipes will warm you up from your belly to your toes, and are the perfect thing to serve the kids after they build their snowman.

These 5 stick-to-your-ribs chili recipes make an ideal dinner on a frigid day and will warm your family inside and out, and these scrumptious hot wing recipes will heat up your taste buds and please your palate.

Beat Winter Allergies

Indoor allergies such as animal dander, dust mites and indoor mold can be a real problem this time of year, because we’re all stuck inside with the doors and windows closed.

This article offers 4 keys for battling winter allergies and keeping the sniffles away.

Make Indoor Cleaning a Cinch with Wet & Forget

You’d much rather spend your time indoors doing something fun, like spending quality time with your family or trying out that new project you saw on Pinterest. What you don’t want to do, is waste a bunch of time scrubbing and cleaning.

At Wet & Forget, our focus is on making products that take the hassle out of everyday chores, so you can get back to your life.

Here’s how Wet & Forget makes your life easier indoors:

Winterize your Home and Keep Cozy

If your home is feeling chilly or drafty, it’s not too late to get to the bottom of the problem and make things warm and cozy again. This article offers 3 key tips for winterizing your home that are easy to do, and can make your home feel noticeably warmer in no time.

Stay warm out there!

Photo courtesy of Phil Roeder.