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Celebrate Spring 2013 with Wet & Forget Outdoor!

Today is the first day of spring and the official beginning of the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. Even if you’re in one of the areas where spring seems to be arriving late this year (we feel your pain!), you can still get into the spirit of the season. Wet & Forget Outdoor will help you make all of your outdoor surfaces the best they can be, so you will be ready to […]

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Wet & Forget Outdoor: Your Ideal Brick Cleaner

Brick is a gorgeous, long-lasting material that adds value to your home. Whether your home itself is built of brick, or you have a brickwork patio, walkway or retaining wall, bricks can’t be beat for their beauty and durability. But if your brickwork is covered in moss, lichen, algae, mold or mildew, it’s not so beautiful anymore. And the problem isn’t only cosmetic: some growths can actually scar your bricks. While cleaning methods like bleach […]

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