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Wet & Forget: More Than Just a DIY Home Cleaning Product

Wet & Forget has helped countless homeowners rid themselves of their worst moss, mold, mildew, and algae infestations. While this is the perfect product for homeowners, its application uses reach far beyond that. Wet & Forget is useful for boating, RVing, summer homes & cabins, pools, hospitality (restaurants & hotels), marinas, and even cemeteries. Curious? Let us explain. Surfaces Perfect For Wet & Forget! Boating As you know, Wet & Forget removes mold, mildew, and […]

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Get Ready for Summer Fun with 4 Easy Outdoor Spring Cleaning Hints

If the warmer temperatures, bright sunshine and greening of spring give you the urge to clean, you’re not alone. If you want to make spring cleaning easier, especially outdoor spring cleaning, a little planning will save lots of elbow grease. Make outdoor spring cleaning a breeze with these four simple tips to ensure that you’re ready for warm weather fun: 1. Get the Grill Ready Barbecues and picnics are as much a part of summer […]

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