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Fan of the Month: See how Steve Conquered Outdoor Mold & Mildew!

Steve had been battling mold and mildew on his pergola and stone foundation for so long, the constant struggle had become a part of his routine that he thought he would never escape. Then Steve discovered Wet & Forget Outdoor and changed the game! Now Steve spends his time enjoying his pergola, not scrubbing it. Read on to find out how Steve beat mold and mildew, and to see his “after” shots! “The mold was […]

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4 Reasons Not to Use Bleach to Remove Your Outdoor Mold

You have an outdoor mold or mildew problem and want to take care of it the easiest way possible.  A lot of Do it Yourself websites suggest creating a bleach solution to remove mold or mildew from outdoor areas such as decks, roofing, siding and sidewalks. We are all for DIY cleaning projects, but we have a few reasons why bleach based products are not the best way to go. Wet & Forget is a […]

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