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3 Reasons to Make Wet & Forget Part of Your Online Holiday Shopping

The time has arrived for online holiday shopping, and we’ll all be taking the chance to score some bargains without having to deal with traffic, crowds or cold weather. But while you’re clicking the keys looking for the perfect gifts for your loved ones, don’t forget to pamper yourself a little! Wet & Forget Outdoor and Wet & Forget Shower are both available in our easy-to-use online store, and both are perfect ways to save yourself […]

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Pamper Your Nose with Wet & Forget Shower’s Vanilla Breeze

It used to be that people didn’t feel like the shower was clean until the bathroom was filled with a stinging cloud of chemical fumes. Even today, many daily scrub-free shower sprays contain enough bleach to leave your bathroom smelling like the public pool. But you don’t have to punish your nose to get the clean shower you and your family deserve. Wet & Forget Shower weekly scrub-free shower spray gets its cleaning power through […]

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