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Save Now with our Wet & Forget Outdoor $5 Rebate – Expired

Fall is the perfect time to apply Wet & Forget Outdoor and put the rain to work cleaning things up outside your home. Thanks to our new $5 rebate, now is also the perfect time to save money when you buy Wet & Forget Outdoor. Download Rebate: Rebate Form Let Autumn’s Rain Clean up the Mess Wet & Forget Outdoor’s gentle formula works with the wind and rain to eliminate moss, lichen, black algae, green […]

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Put Fall’s Rain to Work Cleaning your Home with Wet & Forget Outdoor!

Fall has unofficially begun, and along with the hot cider and football games come chillier temperatures and extra rainfall. But did you know that you can put fall’s wind and rain to work cleaning ugly moss, algae, lichen, mold and mildew off or your deck, roof, and other outdoor surfaces? Let the rain and Wet & Forget Outdoor do all the work while you catch your favorite team on TV! Read on to find out […]

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Make Concrete Stains Go Away with Wet & Forget Outdoor!

Concrete is an attractive, durable material for constructing decks, patios, driveways, porches and walkways. If you’ve had concrete installed around your home, you’re probably pleased with the results… and your wallet was probably much lighter after the work was done. The last thing you want to see is staining from algae, lichen, moss, mold or mildew turning your costly investment into an ugly mess and causing a slippery hazard for anyone walking on it. Let […]

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