The Best Method To Preserve Jack-O-Lanterns + Pumpkins

We tested 5 different ways to preserve pumpkins and had amazing results with Wet And Forget. Find out how to prevent mold and mildew from growing in your pumpkin and keep your Halloween pumpkins longer. This is the best method for keeping pumpkins longer that we found after our test, the second was bleach. Using bleach to preserve pumpkins worked well but not as well as the Wet And Forget did.


This 10-minute step can extend your pumpkin’s life for up to 3 weeks!
We tested the best pumpkin preservation methods this year. Find out which method ended up on top and stayed mold free for 17 days!
Carving pumpkins this weekend? Make sure yours last the longest on your block with this easy preservation method!
Preserve your Jack-o'-lantern with this easy method! Your carved pumpkin will be looking good for weeks.