Wet & Forget On Clay Tile Roofing

We recently got kind words and a few photos from Jerry in West Palm Beach, FL, who routinely had problems with mold on his clay tile roof. He heard about Wet & Forget and its no-fuss application process and, like most new users, was a little skeptical regarding its effectiveness.

But that skepticism soon changed into belief, as you’ll see in our sit-down with Jerry below.

Wet & Forget: How did you first hear about us?

Jerry: My wife showed me an article in the Costco magazine. She had one of her friends tell her about it.

Wet & Forget: It’s very obvious what parts of your roof were treated with Wet & Forget and what parts were not. Why apply in halves?

Jerry: I did the front half as an experiment, and you can clearly see the results. It’s almost the rainy season again here in South Florida, so I’m re-applying…this time to the whole roof.

Wet & Forget: How long has the mold stayed away on the parts of the clay tile roof you treated with Wet & Forget?

Jerry: Over ONE YEAR! It wasn’t instantaneous when I applied, but give it time and it will do the job with little or no work (and no caustic chemicals).

Wet & Forget: Have you told anyone else about us?

Jerry: I told my brother in law about Wet & Forget. He lives in Davenport, Iowa. Has a new house with horizontal siding.

Part of the house gets little sunlight and mold is a big problem (not only for him but for many in his neighborhood). We found a location that had ONE jug of Wet & Forget, but that’s all we needed.

He swears by the stuff now and recommends it to EVERYONE in his neighborhood. Also, I sit on the board for our Home Owners Association. I have mentioned your product to them and shown them what it can do.

We will be using it our subdivision as well.

We’d like to thank Jerry for taking the time to snap Before & After photos and his patience when talking about the experience he’s had with Wet & Forget Outdoor Cleaner.

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