See what 5 of our Top Fans Have to Say about Wet & Forget Shower!

People can’t stop talking about Wet & Forget Shower, and it’s easy to see why. Wet & Forget Shower keeps your shower sparkling-clean with zero scrubbing, and only one weekly application. Just spray and rinse, and you’re done! With Wet & Forget Shower, you can forget about soap scum, forget about shower grime, and forget about scrubbing. Read on to see what 5 of our top fans have to say about Wet & Forget Shower!


High praise, indeed! Deb S. tried Wet & Forget Shower, and fell in love. Here’s what she had to say:

“Just wanted to stop in and say HOLY COW do I LOVE your shower product. It WORKS and works like a charm. Oh boy I love this stuff. Been using it for two months now. I tell everyone I know about it.”

2. “The best shower product I’ve used”

Vinyl shower curtain liners are impossible to scrub, a pain to wash in the washing machine, and it’s wasteful to keep replacing them when they get covered in grime. Candace is thrilled with how Wet & Forget Shower keeps her shower curtain liners spotless, as well as her fiberglass tub. After 40 years of scrubbing, Candace is never looking back! Here’s what she had to say:

“Spray once a week, let it sit overnight, rinse the next day and it stays spotless. We usually have a mold problem on our vinyl shower curtains in the summer, but no more. I did hyper-clean the shower before using it, and it’s as clean now as it was a month ago when I got it spotless.

UPDATE: It’s been a couple months, and after weekly spraying with this product, the shower is still spotless! Unbelievable! Our tub/shower is fiberglass, which gets really cruddy fast. I’m astounded with this stuff, it works and it works better than anything, and I’ve been cleaning tubs for 40 years. There is no scrubbing involved after using this product.”

clean tub

3. “Just spray it and forget it!”

Mary F. not only loves how easy it is to make her tiles sparkle; she also loves Wet & Forget Shower’s subtle vanilla essence scent, which smells more like spa day than a shower cleaner. We couldn’t agree more! Here’s what Mary had to say:

“Cleaning the tile shower was never easier! Just spray and forget it. No harsh smell at all! Been looking for a product like this for years. Accidentally found it while doing a search for another product. What luck!”

4. “Best cleaner ever with least amount of work!”

D. Gambino in Michigan is pretty excited about never scrubbing another shower. We’re excited for you!

“I have used Wet and Forget outdoors with great results so thought I would try this too. Amazing. I will never have to scrub a shower again. We have the one piece liner shower units. No more soap scum and my glass doors sparkle!

Definitely getting more!”

travertine soap scum

5. “I have never seen the glass so clean”

And, finally, “RD144” is amazed at how Wet & Forget Shower makes shower glass sparkle and shine:

“Our shower is the frameless glass type enclosure. Since we started using this product, I have never seen the glass so clean. We tried scrubbing and using other products, but this just melted away the hazy soap scum.”

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