See how Wet & Forget Outdoor Saved Jeff’s Boat–Prepare to be Amazed!

Jeff thought his inflatable motorboat was a hopeless case. After spending over two years under a boat cover, mold and mildew had completely taken over the surface, and Jeff was just about to give up.

That’s when he picked up some Wet & Forget Outdoor at The Home Depot, and everything changed!

Click “Read More” to see what Jeff’s boat looked like after just one application of Wet & Forget Outdoor, and get ready to be blown away!


As you can see, Jeff’s boat looked pretty hopeless. Here’s what Jeff had to say:

“I recently had to perform maintenance on my inflatable that was under a boat cover for over two years. I was aghast to see the mildew that had grown!”

-Jeff, Treasure Island, Florida



Take a look at Jeff’s amazing results! No wonder Jeff rated Wet & Forget Outdoor Cleaner 5 stars for both quality and value. We bet he couldn’t wait to take his brand-new-looking boat out for a spin! Here’s what Jeff had to say:

“I convinced myself that it would never look good again. WAS I WRONG! I followed the manufacturer’s directions, after a week the mildew disappeared with very light scrubbing!! A miracle cleaner!!”

–Jeff, Treasure Island, Florida

We’re thrilled that you love Wet & Forget Outdoor, Jeff. Now you can spend less time cleaning, and more time out on the water! Check out our article on how Prepping Your Boat for the Water for more information on applying Wet & Forget onto your boat.

Source: The Home Depot