Meet John, A Happy Customer from Lakeway, TX

John Bailey’s home in Lakeway, TX has stones that are susceptible to mildew outbreaks. In the past, he used traditional cleaning methods to take care of it.

Searching for a better way, he came across Wet & Forget not too long ago. He was so pleased with the results that he sent us a thank you, which turned into a nice conversation with John about his home and his experience with Wet & Forget:

Wet & Forget: Tell us a little bit about your home in Central Texas. How long have you lived there?

John Bailey: We have lived in Lakeway, TX ever since I retired, 12 years ago. The house is a single story and is across the road from the lake (Lake Travis, 20 miles west of Austin).

The lot is only one-third acre and since we are built into a hillside, we have tall, white Austin Stone retaining walls. Austin stone is porous and the lake provides a climate of moisture which joins together to form mildew on the stone.

Traditional cleaning methods took the surface from the stone. But Wet & Forget does not damage the surface at all, and it so easy to apply.

We also have 94 feet of white cast iron railings along the deck. I have been spending 15 days every year cleaning and touching up this railing each spring, because of mildew and rust.

Next spring I will try Wet & Forget and hopefully I will save time and energy and shall have less paint touch up to do. The house is mostly stucco and the north and west facing walls get green mildew every 4 or 5 years.

Again, next spring I shall try Wet & Forget to see if it can be done easier and if it will last longer.

W&F: How did you hear about Wet & Forget?

JB: Our dentist is in Houston (185 miles away) and on our last visit he mentioned Wet & Forget when we were discussing house maintenance.

W&F: What were your thoughts when you first heard about the no-fuss application process? Were you skeptical?

JB: I was not skeptical because I trust my Dentist (Have known him for 30 years).

W&F: What is the main difference between Wet & Forget and the product you used in the past?

JB: In the past I used a bleach based cleaner, but it only keeps stains off for a limited time and in my case it had to be applied with a scrubbing brush and then rinsed off. This mechanical action wore away the stone and to caused paint removal from the railings.

W&F: How long did it take to see results after you applied Wet & Forget?

JB: One hour was all it took on the stone. The green just leeched out and then the stone gradually became whiter. Now it is pristine!

W&F: Are you satisfied with the performance of the product? Do you plan on using it again?

JB: Most definitely. As I mentioned earlier, I have two applications planned for the spring.

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