Make Your Vinyl Siding Gleam with Wet & Forget

Gilbert and Carol S. of Dayton, Ohio have been dealing with ugly green algae on the north side of their garage for almost 2 decades.

“We’ve lived here for 16 years, and we’ve never been able to get rid of all the algae,” Carol said. “We scrub it off, and it just grows right back. It looks just awful and it’s embarrassing.”

Gilbert and Carol had vinyl siding installed a few years ago, and have been worried about which outdoor cleaner they should use to clean their new investment. “New siding costs so much, and we don’t want to use anything that would mess it up,” Gilbert said.

Not only were they looking for a safe, effective product–having recently retired, Gilbert and Carol would much rather spend their time traveling, oil painting and researching the family genealogy, instead of scrubbing or power-washing their garage.

That’s why they chose Wet & Forget. They bought a garden sprayer on sale for $10, filled it with 1 part Wet & Forget and 5 parts water, and gave the affected area a good soaking.

Now, all they have to do is relax and let Wet & Forget do the work for them. While Gilbert and Carol enjoy the retired life, Wet & Forget will work with the wind and rain to gently remove the algae from their garage and leave their vinyl siding the lovely white it was meant to be.

We will be checking in with this couple on a regular basis to take pictures of their results. Keep visiting the Wet & Forget blog to watch the transformation!

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  1. Bruce

    I have vinyl siding that is dirty And has mildew issues. Do I clean first then use w&F. What do you suggest.

    1. Wet And Forget

      Hi Bruce!

      Wet & Forget is perfect for mildew issues on vinyl siding, in fact for any type of siding or outdoor surface. I would use Wet & Forget on the siding first. If the siding doesn’t get exposure to wind and rain, a week after application you can lightly hose the siding to speed up the cleaning. Any further questions just give us a call at 888-727-8524 or drop us a line at:


    Can I use wet and forget on painted asbestos siding? How about doors and windows?

    1. Wet And Forget

      Hi Mary,
      Yes, Wet & Forget is safe to use on painted asbestos siding as well as on the exterior doors and windows. Wet & Forget will not harm or etch the glass. If you see spotting on the glass the next day, you are fine to take a hose and rinse with water to remove any possible spotting on the glass.