Happy New Year! Here’s Wet & Forget’s Favorite Fan Feedback of the Year!

As we say goodbye to 2013, we here at Wet & Forget would like to say thank you to all of the fans of Wet & Forget Outdoor, Wet & Forget Shower, and Wet & Forget Indoor Mold + Mildew Disinfectant Cleaner. We’ve got lots of awesome feedback during 2013, and we’d like to share with you 12 of our favorite fan feedbacks, 1 for each month of 2013.

We were thrilled to save you time, energy, and hassle during 2013, and we look forward to helping you simplify your life in 2014. Happy New Year!

Rave Reviews for Wet & Forget Outdoor Cleaner
  • Great for Roof Mold

Murphy in Michigan was thrilled with how Wet & Forget Outdoor wiped out roof mold with no scrubbing needed, and how Wet & Forget’s non-caustic formula is safe for rain barrels:

“I bought this last year and used it on one house of mine in the late Fall. Went up on the roof with a sprayer and sprayed the roof. By this Spring the mold was all gone.

Between the snow and rain, it worked gently and cleaned the roof. What went down the gutters did no damage to my lawn or rain barrel water.

I just bought this container for a second home with the same issue. I sprayed it on it last month so we’ll see what Spring brings but I am sure it will work.

This second home does not have gutters so this will wash onto some brick steps with the same mold problem. I am hoping it cleans those also.”

moss on roof

  • Worked Wonders on the Patio

Ellie in Illinois loved how Wet & Forget Outdoor kept working overtime to keep her patio clean, unlike power washing:

“Had to Power Wash much moldy and stained patio. Afterwords applied this product. Amazingly with each rain, the patio area got cleaner and has stayed clean and mold-free for more than 6 months already.

I am awed every time I look at the bricks. The areas I did not apply product became moldy and green within weeks of power-washing.

Would definitely recommend this product. It works overtime so be patient.”


  • “Phenomenal” Sidewalk Cleaner

“lebehrendt” was amazed at how Wet & Forget Outdoor makes algae-blackened sidewalks look like new:

“This is a phenomenal product. You spray it on and it does nothing, or it seems to do nothing. But wait about 4 to 6 weeks and the results are unbelievable.

Our sidewalks here in Florida were black with mold and mildew and so are all of the neighbor’s sidewalks. After the first spraying, there was such a huge difference.

Then about 2 months later I again sprayed them and the front of our home, the eaves and soffits and it is even better.

The man from whom we purchased pavers for our lanai told us about “Wet and Forget” and we thought we would give it a try. We will continue to use this product every time it is needed.

Our sidewalks really outshine all of the walks of our neighbors.”

clean concrete

  • “Wet & Forget is great!”

Richard W. loved saying “goodbye” to the pressure washer!

“Easy to use, works as advertised, saves a lot of time. Now, I don’t have to pressure wash. Just spray it on, let it dry (which mother nature takes care of), and walk away. Repeat every 6 months or so.”

  • Cleaning the deck was a breeze!

Tom in New York was thrilled to get a clean deck without all the work. Now he has more time to enjoy life:

“I applied this to my deck in the fall and it was nice that I did not have to scrub it or get on my hands and knees. I just put it on and the wind and rain did the work of keeping my deck clean of any black mold.

I will be using this every year from now on. Love the product.”


Lots of Love for Wet & Forget Shower
  • The only product for the shower that has ever worked for me.”

Before Anne G. tried Wet & Forget Shower, she “never dreamed it would work so well.” Now she’s a believer!

“I only purchased this because I’ve had such success with the original outdoor Wet and Forget and I was curious but honestly, I never dreamed it would work so well. I sprayed it on and then later wiped down the shower with a magic eraser and our fiberglass surround was as smooth and clean as the day we moved in.

Something (soap, minerals?) had been making it rough and nothing I tried solving the problem. No nasty smells or fumes either. Can’t imagine how it works this well….but it does.”

shower door cleaner

  • “Love Wet & Forget!”

“passionforpersians” loves Wet & Forget Outdoor, and is now a new fan of Wet & Forget Shower:

“I love this product! I have used Wet and Forget Moss, Mold, Mildew, Algae to remove the green algae from house & garage siding with great success. No fuss no muss just spray on according to directions and forget it and the algae disappeared.

I did not know Wet and Forget Shower existed until I heard it mentioned on a radio program last weekend. I ordered it and used it on a dirty shower overnight, rinsed it the next morning and soap scum and deposits were gone!

This is one product I will not be without in the future!”

travertine soap scum

  • “The best shower product I’ve used”

Candace loves the awesome job Wet & Forget Shower does of keeping her shower spotless, and her vinyl shower curtain liners like new:

“Spray once a week, let it sit overnight, rinse the next day and it stays spotless. We usually have a mold problem on our vinyl shower curtains in the summer, but no more.

I did hyper-clean the shower before using it, and it’s as clean now as it was a month ago when I got it spotless.

UPDATE: It’s been a couple of months, and after weekly spraying with this product, the shower is still spotless! Unbelievable! Our tub/shower is fiberglass, which gets really cruddy fast.

I’m astounded with this stuff, it works and it works better than anything, and I’ve been cleaning tubs for 40 years. There is no scrubbing involved after using this product.”

clean tub

  • “Just spray it and forget it!”

Mary F. couldn’t be happier with how easy Wet & Forget Shower is to use, and she loves the fresh vanilla essence scent:

“Cleaning the tile shower was never easier! Just spray and forget it. No harsh smell at all! Been looking for a product like this for years. Accidentally found it while doing a search for another product. What luck!”

fixture cleaner

  • “I have never seen the glass so clean”

“RD144” has found the perfect solution for keeping shower glass shining:

“Our shower is the frameless glass type enclosure. Since we started using this product, I have never seen the glass so clean. We tried scrubbing and using other products, but this just melted away the hazy soap scum.”

  • “HOLY COW”

Deb S. couldn’t wait to tell everyone about how wonderful Wet & Forget Shower is!

“Just wanted to stop in and say HOLY COW do I LOVE your shower product. It WORKS and works like a charm. Oh boy, I love this stuff.

Been using it for two months now. I tell everyone I know about it.”

shower tile cleaner

  • “Best cleaner ever with the least amount of work!”

And, finally, D. Gambino in Michigan “will never have to scrub a shower again.”

“I have used Wet and Forget outdoors with great results so thought I would try this too. Amazing. I will never have to scrub a shower again.

We have the one-piece liner shower units. No more soap scum and my glass doors sparkle!

Definitely getting more!”

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