FAQs: Lichen and Time

Wet & Forget is a unique outdoor stain remover, so it’s understandable that many questions arise concerning how it’s used. The following questions are ones that are asked frequently, so here are the answers! And to read the introductory Wet & Forget FAQ blog post, click here.

Q: Can I use Wet & Forget on lichen? How do I apply it?

A: Yes, Wet & Forget will work on lichen, however the application instructions are different. Since lichen is a tougher growth, you will need to spray the area twice.

Dilute the Wet & Forget as instructed on the bottle, then spray the affected area, wait 15 minutes, then spray the area again.

This double application is required when treating lichens in order to clean the surface properly. Read more about lichen are how you can remove it using Wet & Forget here.

Q: How long does Wet & Forget take to work? I sprayed it on my surface and I haven’t seen any results!

A: Patience is a virtue when it comes to applying Wet & Forget. It’s an incredibly simple process that amounts to spraying an outdoor surface once and waiting for the product to interact with your growth, the wind and the rain.

The time it takes depends on the severity of your stain. It can take days, weeks, or even months on the harshest stains, but Wet & Forget’s gentle process will get the job done and give you the freedom to do other things while it works.

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