FAQ: Is Wet & Forget Shower Safe for my Septic Tank?

Wet & Forget Shower dissolves away tough soap scum and shower grime with no scrubbing needed. Just spray and rinse, and Wet & Forget Shower does all the work for you! This left some people wondering if Wet & Forget Shower is safe to use with a their septic systems, or if there was anything in Wet & Forget Shower’s formula that would interfere with the delicate balance within their septic systems. Read on to learn the answer!

No Soap Scum, no Shower Grime, and no Scrubbing!

Wet & Forget Shower’s dual-surfactant formula eliminates soap scum and shower grime with no scrubbing needed. Just one simple weekly application keeps your shower sparkling! Keeping your shower shining couldn’t be easier. Simply spray Wet & Forget Shower once a week after your shower, leave overnight, and thoroughly rinse before hopping into the shower the next day. Repeat this process to continue cleaning your shower without any scrubbing or bleach involved.

But if Wet & Forget Shower is so tough on soap scum and shower grime, is it also tough on your shower and septic system?


Gentle on your Shower, and Gentle on your Septic System

The answer is no! Wet & Forget Shower uses gentle chemistry to clean your shower. Its dual-surfactant formula specifically targets soap scum and shower grime without harming your shower’s fixtures, fiberglass, porcelain, or other surfaces.* Wet & Forget Shower’s subtle vanilla essence scent is even gentle on your nose! And Wet & Forget Shower is perfectly safe to use with your septic system.

*As with any shower cleaner, test Wet & Forget Shower on an inconspicuous area before using it for the first time. Do not use Wet & Forget shower on natural marble.

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Photo By SuSanA Secretariat