FAQ: How to Apply Miss Muffet’s Revenge in High or Hard-to-Reach Spots

Miss Muffet’s Revenge keeps spiders away with just one spray. Miss Muffet’s Revenge kills spiders on contact and keeps working for 12 months to keep spiders from returning.

Our award-winning sprayer makes it a cinch to apply Miss Muffet’s Revenge. Read on to see how easy it is to keep spiders out of hard-to-reach places.

Keep Spiders Away with Just One Spray!

Miss Muffet’s Revenge is the easy way to keep spiders away both indoors and outdoors. Just one application kills spiders on contact and keeps spiders away for up to 12 months.

No more chasing spiders around with a rolled-up magazine, or spraying a messy aerosol over and over again! And unlike those aerosol sprays that leave a choking, smelly cloud behind, Miss Muffet’s Revenge is nearly odorless and won’t leave a sticky residue behind.

Top-Notch Formula; Innovative Sprayer!

We made sure that Miss Muffet’s Revenge had a formula that would make it the best home spider killer around. But we didn’t stop there: we also gave Miss Muffet’s Revenge a sprayer that makes your job unbelievably easy.

The bottle has an ergonomic top-handle design that allows you to hold the bottle comfortably at your side with one hand while you spray Miss Muffet’s Revenge with the other.

The flexible hose extends up to 36 inches to allow you to reach in any direction, and the nozzle allows you to hold it at any angle while you spray—even upside-down—without losing any power.

This means you can reach around things and into corners where spiders hide with no problem. Best of all, the sprayer has a range of up to 12 feet, so you can reach those high-up spider hiding places—such as under the eaves—with no problem. Forget the stepladder!

How to Apply Miss Muffet’s Revenge on Hard-to-Reach Areas

Applying Miss Muffet’s Revenge is simple, even in hard-to-reach places. Just follow these easy instructions for attaching the remote sprayer.

Then feel free to hold the sprayer at any angle that is comfortable for reaching difficult corners, because you’ll get full spraying power at any angle. If you look closely at the tip of the sprayer nozzle, you will notice that it has two settings: one has an image of a narrow spray, and the other has an image of a wide spray.

Turn the nozzle to the wide spray to reach closer areas, and turn it to the narrow spray to reach areas up to 12 feet away.

Follow these instructions for applying Miss Muffet’s Revenge indoors, and these instructions for applying Miss Muffet’s Revenge outdoors. Now say goodbye to those uninvited arachnids!

Try Miss Muffet’s Revenge and keep spiders away with just one spray, even in hard-to-reach areas! Stop by our website for more easy cleaning solutions to everyday problems.


  1. Sandy Belusko

    Is Miss Muffet’s revenge safe to use around my pets (dogs)?

    1. Wet And Forget

      Hi Sandy,
      Yes, Miss Muffet’s Revenge is safe to use if you have pets. During the application keep pets away while spraying, once fully dry, pets are fine to be near the surfaces you’ve applied to.