FAQ: Can I Use Wet & Forget Shower on an Already Dirty Shower?

Wet & Forget Shower keeps your shower sparkling with just one weekly application and no scrubbing. But what if your shower is already pretty grimy when you first get started?

How to Apply Wet & Forget Shower

Wet & Forget Shower no-scrub shower spray sets you free from scrubbing your shower. Simply spray and rinse, and you’re done! Here’s how:

  1. After the last shower of the night, spray all of your shower’s surfaces with Wet & Forget Shower.
  2. Walk away, and let Wet & Forget Shower go to work dissolving away tough soap scum, oils, and shower grime.
  3. Rinse before next use.
  4. Re-apply once a week to keep your shower shining.
No More Scrubbing… Even if your Shower Starts out Grimy

But what if you’re starting out with some extra buildup of soap scum and shower grime? Don’t worry; you still don’t have to scrub your shower.

You can give Wet & Forget Shower a little extra boost in the beginning to get your shower sparkling, and then return to regular weekly use as described above.

One way to do this is to give your shower a quick wipe-down the morning after the first time you apply Wet & Forget Shower. If the buildup is especially heavy, you may want to treat your shower daily for a few days, until it’s clean. Then you’re ready to switch to a simple weekly spray and rinse!

Try Wet & Forget Shower today, and say goodbye to scrubbing!

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*As with any shower cleaner, test Wet & Forget Shower on an inconspicuous area before using it for the first time. Do not use Wet & Forget shower on natural marble.


  1. mari0

    can you use on a porcelain tub

    1. Wet and Forget

      Hi Mario,
      Wet & Forget Shower is safe to use on a porcelain tub. It will take care of soap scum, body oil, and shower grime on your tub.