FAQ: Can I apply Wet & Forget to my RV?

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Wet & Forget is the ultimate outdoor moss, mold, mildew, and algae stain remover, using Mother Nature as an ally against infestations. But what if you have mold building in a more mobile outdoor surface of yours, such as an RV? Here’s an email we recently received that asked just that.

Q: Will your product work on my RV?  Will it protect the framing to keep the mildew out over the next season?

A: You can indeed apply Wet & Forget to your RV. Wet & Forget is a gentle product that works with the outside elements (rain/wind) to clean the different surfaces of your RV. 

The roof is often overlooked during maintenance time because of how hard it is to reach. But keeping your roof in tip-top shape can keep you safe during inclement weather and keep you dry at all times. The roofs are generally made of one of two materials: metal and rubber.

For rubber in particular, choosing the correct cleaning product is important. Remember to never use cleaners or conditioners containing petroleum solvents, harsh abrasives or citric based cleaners on your roof. Wet & Forget contains none of those chemicals, has a neutral pH of 8, and is the perfect hassle-free way to keep your RV clean.

Typically made of aluminum or fiberglass, the skin of your RV can easily accrue ugly mold and mildew streaks, often from the runoff of the roof. The proper application of Wet & Forget will remove these eyesores.

Prone to mold and mildew (especially when rolled up while still damp, or when moisture is trapped), your RV’s awning is right in the wheelhouse of ugly infestations. Whether it’s made of vinyl, acrylic, or another material entirely, Wet & Forget can clean awnings of all kinds.

After a lengthy season of traveling, the portable furniture in your RV can look just as unsightly as the roof, skin, or awning. Whether plastic, wood, metal, or canvas, Wet & Forget will remove that mold and mildew! Learn more about caring for your RV with these RV cleaning tips using Wet & Forget.

After application, Wet & Forget will continue to clean your surface for 12-15 months.  When applying to your RV, we recommend you protect any decals (example: your USA Travel Map decal) that you may have on your RV from any overspray by covering them up.

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  1. Henry Mello

    So I would spray Wet And Forget on the awning, not rinse and just roll the awning up?

    1. Wet And Forget

      Hi Henry,
      Correct! You want to apply Wet And Forget to your awning and leave it so the wind and the rain can gently rinse and scrub the surface for you. If you roll up the awning after applying, the weather won’t be able to remove all the left over mold and algae stains.

  2. Nancee

    We store our 5th wheel indoors, and have no place to let the weather get to our awning. I sprayed the awning and rolled it up. Planning to let it set for an hour or so, unroll and spray with water. Any other ideas? I’m not sure how weather gets to the underside of an awning in the first place…

    1. Wet And Forget

      Hi Nancee,
      I would apply Wet & Forget to the awning and allow it to fully dry. If you can wait, give Wet & Forget a good week or longer to start working and then periodically you can rinse or do some scrubbing to speed up the cleaning process. Each time the surface becomes agitated from rain, hose water, or a brush, it will help remove all the dead growth. You do not want to apply Wet & Forget and then rinse off the same day, this will ruin the application and you’ll need to re-apply for the product to properly work.

  3. Doug

    I have been WET and forget for several years and it is the best thing I have ever used to deal with the unsitely mold and algae on my roofs, siding, deck and railings (to include the fancy white pvc ones). No more scrubbing every year. mine lasts approximately two years. i am going to spray my rv roof and awning tomorrow. thank you wet and forget for making such a terrific product.

    1. Wet and Forget

      Thank you for your kind words, Doug!