Fan of the Month: See How Judy Rescued her Awning from Black Mold!

Judy D. of Cape Cod, Massachusetts had a big problem with her roll-out awning. Disgusting splotches of black mold with patches of moss growing out of it had invaded her awning, transforming her shady oasis into a massive eyesore.

Judy had tried everything from bleach, to brushing, to commercial mold-removal products, all to no avail. She became so desperate, she thought about trying to take the large awning down so she could scrub it on the ground, or even throwing the awning away and spending big bucks for a new one.

It’s a good thing Judy discovered Wet & Forget Outdoor! Now Judy’s awning looks like new, and she couldn’t wait to tell us how thrilled she is.

Read on to hear Judy’s story.

“It was full of black mold and there was actual stuff growing on top of it…”

Judy and her family loved relaxing on their deck beneath the shade of their roll-out awning. Unfortunately, Cape Cod’s moist sea air made the awning the perfect environment for mold and moss.

Pretty soon the awning was covered in disgusting black mold that ruined its appearance. Things only got worse when moss also started to grow, right on top of the mold.

“It was all black, and it looked like little tufts of grass growing out of it,” Judy said.

Now Judy’s awning looked more like a science experiment than an investment in her home, and she started searching for a solution

Before Wet & Forget Outdoor: “I did everything I possibly could, and nothing happened…”

Unsure what to do, Judy tried bleaching her awning. Not only was the bleach smelly and difficult to use– it also did nothing to stop the black mold and moss growth.

Bleach can also cause invisible damage to canvas each time it’s applied, shortening the life of the awning, and runoff from bleach can kill the lawn.

Next, Judy turned to various mold-removal products from her local hardware store. Even when she scrubbed the awning with a brush as well, the products couldn’t put a dent in the black mold and moss infestation.

“I brushed it, I bleached it, and I used mold cleaners on it. I was up on a step ladder, trying to brush the awning. I did everything I possibly could, and nothing happened. I thought I would have to try to take it down and scrub it, or just throw it away,” Judy lamented.

“It was amazing!”

Luckily, Judy heard about Wet & Forget Outdoor Cleaner and decided to give it a try. She bought a bottle at her local hardware store, sprayed it on her awning, and walked away. To Judy’s astonishment, Wet & Forget Outdoor got right to work eliminating the black mold and moss.

“I sprayed it on in the fall, and I could see a difference within a couple of weeks. A month went by, and I just couldn’t believe it!

I sprayed it one more time in the spring, and it was like a miracle. The awning looked like new!” Judy exclaimed.

The Wet & Forget Outdoor that Judy sprayed on her awning in the fall continued to work throughout the winter, and the spring touch-up made her awning look brand new again in time for summer fun.

“Thank you for such a great product!”

Judy was so thrilled with her results, she couldn’t wait to write and tell us all about it. She also went back to the hardware store where she bought her bottle of Wet & Forget Outdoor and told the manager that she highly recommends Wet & Forget Outdoor for any of his other customers who have problems with mold or moss.

And that’s not all:

“Anytime anyone asks me what to do about mold, I tell them to get some Wet & Forget,” Judy said. “I just can’t believe how easy it is!”

Judy plans to re-treat her awning about once a year, so she will never have to deal with black mold or moss again. Judy also has the peace of mind that comes with knowing that Wet & Forget’s non-caustic formula won’t damage her awning or accelerate wear and tear.

Now Judy and her family can sip iced tea on their deck under the shade of a beautifully clean awning, and leave scrubbing and bleaching behind!

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