Fan of the Month: See how Jeff Wiped Out Tough Algae on his Patio

Jeff C. of North Prairie, Wisconsin had been battling stubborn, slimy green algae on his brick patio for about a decade with little success. Jeff would spend an hour or more scrubbing his deck with noxious bleach, only to have the tough algae come right back.

Jeff’s patio never looked completely clean, and he was stuck in an endless cycle of scrubbing. Then Jeff discovered Wet & Forget Outdoor, and he was bowled over by the results!

Now Jeff’s patio looks like new again, and he’s through with scrubbing. Read on to hear Jeff’s story, and to learn how Wet & Forget Outdoor can set you free from scrubbing and pressure washing!

“You don’t want to use the same shoes on the patio that you use inside, because of all the algae.”
–Jeff C., North Prairie, WI

Jeff was stuck in an endless battle with green algae.

Jeff had a natural brick patio installed about ten years ago, and mature trees nearby prevented much sun from reaching the bricks. While the shade was nice for Jeff and his family, it also created the perfect environment for green algae to grow.

When the green algae set in, Jeff tried to tackle the problem with bleach. He would go out with a bucketful of 50% bleach solution and scrub the bricks.

This was a laborious process that took at least an hour and a half, and Jeff had to deal with the bleach’s noxious odor, caustic properties, and ability to ruin his clothes.

Jeff always dreaded the big chore of cleaning the patio, and the worst thing of all was that it didn’t even really get the job done. Because bleach does nothing to prevent algae re-growth, the patio bricks would be bright green and slimy again in a matter of weeks.

And, even worse, Jeff’s bricks became more and more discolored over the years because his scrub brush couldn’t reach into all of the nooks and crannies in the porous bricks.

In spite of all of Jeff’s hard work, his family had to keep separate shoes to wear just on the patio, to avoid tracking algae into the house and staining the flooring.

It was definitely time for a change!

“With Wet & Forget, I’m done in 10 to 15 minutes instead of an hour-and-a-half, minimum, of scrubbing. Trust me, I’m the guy who had to go out there and scrub it. It’s just a no-brainer.”
–Jeff C., North Prairie, WI

Jeff fought back with Wet & Forget Outdoor!

After all those years of scrubbing with bleach, Jeff heard about Wet & Forget Outdoor. He wasn’t sure if it would really be as easy as it sounded, but he figured he would give it a try.

Boy, were Jeff and his wife in for a surprise!

“I bought the product, I bought the sprayer, and I sprayed some on my patio,” Jeff said “Then, on the third morning, we woke up, went out there, and I almost fell over! The green had all turned black, because it was dead.”

After the algae died, it began to gradually fade away as Wet & Forget Outdoor worked with the wind and rain to remove the tough algae, even in the places where Jeff’s scrub brush couldn’t reach.

Better yet, Wet & Forget Outdoor will keep working even after the algae is gone, keeping it away for a year or more in most cases. So now Jeff can retire his scrub brush and bucket, and simply spray and walk away once a year to keep his patio free of tough algae.

After his experience with Wet & Forget Outdoor Cleaner, Jeff C. was left with just one question:

“Gee, why didn’t I do this last year?”

“We can finally walk barefoot out there again. We have our patio back! We’re just so pleased.”
— Jeff C., North Prairie, WI

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