Amazing Photos! See the Top 10 Spots Wet & Forget Outdoor Zaps Stains

As you spend time outside enjoying the gorgeous summer weather, you’ve probably seen some things around your property that aren’t so gorgeous.

Moss on your roof, green algae on your deck, black algae on your roof, and mold and mildew on patio cushions are a few of the things that can ruin your home’s appearance, make surfaces slippery, and even cause permanent damage.

Wet & Forget Outdoor conquers moss, lichen, algae, mold and mildew on just about any outdoor surface without causing bleaching or corrosion, and with no scrubbing necessary.

Read on to take a mini-tour of our Before and After Gallery, and see the top 10 surfaces where this outdoor cleaner gets the job done!

1. Roof

Your roof can fall prey to a number of ugly growths. Green algae can grow in shaded areas, black algae can create ugly streaks on the sunny part of the roof, and lichen and moss can grow on any part of the roof.

They all create ugly stains, and moss and lichen can damage your roof: Moss can cause shingles to lift away from the roof and cause asphalt shingles to lose their granules, and lichen can cause pitting on the roof’s surface.

There are lots of ways to clean your roof, but not all methods are created equal.

Pressure washing can blast granules off of asphalt shingles, tear shingles off, and knock rain gutters loose. Bleach can ruin your clothes and corrode your downspouts, and bleach runoff can kill your lawn.

And bleaching and pressure washing don’t do anything to prevent re-growth, which means you will be out on the roof with the bleach or pressure washer again and again.

Wet & Forget Outdoor annihilates these disgusting growths with no scrubbing or harsh chemicals, and keeps them away for a year or more in most cases. Wet & Forget Outdoor is safe to use on all roof types, and you won’t have to worry about your downspouts or lawn, either.

Wet & Forget Outdoor helps you keep your roof clean and healthy!

Check out these before and after photos of the wonderful job Wet & Forget Outdoor does on the roof.

moss on roof

2. Wooden Fence

Wooden fences are prime spots for algae, moss, lichen, mold and mildew growth. Moss and lichen can both cause damage varnish and paint and ruin the surface of wooden fences.

Wet & Forget takes care of all of these growths, and leaves your wooden fence looking like new!

Take a look at these before and after shots of a wooden fence that was covered in green algae before Wet & Forget saved the day.

algae fence

3. Concrete Porch

A concrete porch is a great place to relax after a long, hot day, but ugly moss, lichen, algae, mold or mildew on your porch can leave you grossed out instead of relaxed.

Mike wrote in to tell us about his mother, Eva, who had been cleaning her concrete porch with bleach several times a year for 35 years, and was fighting a losing battle against green algae. Eva sprayed her porch with Wet & Forget Outdoor, and the algae disappeared within several days!

Check out Eva’s amazing before and after photos.


4. Pool Surround

A cool dip in the pool is the epitome of summer fun, but dealing with algae, mold and mildew around the pool is no fun at all. Wet & Forget Outdoor gets rid of these ugly growths at the water line, on poolside decks, pool surrounds, and the outside walls of above-ground pools.

Check out these amazing before and after photos of a pool surround that was covered in black algae, and these before and after shots that show how Wet & Forget Outdoor transformed a horribly stained diving board.


5. Deck

Your deck is a beautiful investment that adds value to your home, as well as a fun place to spend time with family and friends.

But ugly lichen and moss can damage your deck’s surface, black algae can make it look like it’s been rubbed with charcoal, and green algae or mold and mildew can cause your deck to become very slippery and dangerous to walk on.

Whether your deck is made of wood, composite decking, or another type of decking, Wet & Forget will zap these ugly growths and keep them from coming back for a year or more in most cases.

Check out these striking photos of green and black algae that had stained a composite deck around and underneath a planter, and the wonderful results this family got with Wet & Forget Outdoor.


6. Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding protects and beautifies your home, but it doesn’t look very beautiful covered in black or green algae. Algae loves to grow on vinyl siding, and cleaning it with bleach or a pressure washer is a losing battle.

Not only can a pressure washer accidentally damage your siding or rain gutters, the algae will start to grow back as soon as you put the bleach or pressure washer away. Get rid of algae and keep it away for a year or more with Wet & Forget Outdoor!

Take a look at these awesome before and after photos.


7. Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor furniture is a comfortable spot to visit with friends and family, or just read a book while listening to the birds sing. But the moisture outside is an invitation for mold and mildew to invade the cushions, turning them into an ugly, smelly mess.

Bleach not only stings your eyes and irritates your skin–it can also permanently stain your furniture cushions or even eat holes in the fabric. Wet & Forget Outdoor safely removes mold and mildew from your outdoor furniture cushions, leaving them fresh and comfy.

Take a look at these before and after shots of boat cushions that Wet & Forget Outdoor left clean and mildew-free. And click here to find out how to win a backyard makeover worth over $4,900, including brand-new outdoor furniture!

clean boat seats

8. Bricks

Bricks are an attractive and durable material for building homes, retaining walls, flower beds, and walkways. But even this strong material can fall victim to moss, lichen, algae, mold or mildew.

Wet & Forget removes these growths with no scrubbing needed, and keeps them away for a year or more in most cases. Just spray and walk away for clean, beautiful bricks!

Click here to learn about cleaning bricks with Wet & Forget Outdoor, and to see a fabulous before and after shot.

clean bricks

9. Headstones

Headstones are a lasting way to memorialize our loved ones long after they are gone. But algae growth can deface those valuable memorials, and moss or lichen can grow thick enough to make a headstone’s carvings completely unreadable.

Wet & Forget safely removes moss, lichen, algae, mold and mildew from headstones, and keeps them away for a year or more in most cases.

Take a look at these before and after shots of a horribly stained headstone that now looks like new thanks to Wet & Forget, as well as this previously illegible headstone that now looks better than ever, and check out this testimonial from a happy customer.

headstone cleaner

10. Sidewalks

Sidewalks can be excellent breeding grounds for black algae in sunny areas and green algae in shady zones. Moss and lichen can also grow on your sidewalk, potentially causing surface damage or worsening any crumbling spots.

Wet & Forget removes all of these growths with no scrubbing needed, and keeps them away for a year or more. This sidewalk was filthy with black algae, and is now spic-and-span thanks to Wet & Forget Outdoor.

clean concrete

And More…

These may be the top 10 surfaces where Wet & Forget Outdoor gets the job done, but they certainly aren’t the only surfaces where Wet & Forget defeats ugly stains. Here are 5 surfaces where you might not have thought of using Wet & Forget, and more awesome photos of:

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