5 Things People LOVE About Wet & Forget Shower–What’s Your Favorite?

Let’s face it: scrubbing your shower stinks. That means that there’s a lot to love about Wet & Forget Shower no-scrub weekly shower spray.

But Wet & Forget Shower isn’t just your everyday no-scrub shower cleaner. People from all over have been going on our Facebook page, leaving us feedback here on our blog, and even posting on their own blogs to talk about what they love most about Wet & Forget Shower, and why they will never go back to their old shower cleaner.

Read on to see the top 5 things that have people raving about Wet & Forget Shower, and tell us which one is your favorite!

1. Leaves Your Shower Sparkling

This is what we’re all looking for when we buy a shower cleaner, but many cleaners don’t quite go the distance. Some cleaners get rid of the worst of the stains, but leave behind a shower that still feels rough and gunky and has no sparkle.

Wet & Forget Shower dissolves away body oils, soap scum, grime, and mold and mildew stains, for a sparkling-clean shower.

Karen Laurie in Auckland, New Zealand said:

“…we finally used the wet and forget shower cleaner today and rob just came in and said “did you see how white our shower is?”!!! Yay”

“dland” said:

“This product WORKS.I have two fiberglass tub surrounds in my home. They are not always easy to keep clean this helps immensely. It leaves a nice shine behind as well.

It truly is spray and forget material and a great product on the war on soap scum. I clean for a living and suggest this to several of my clients with this type of shower it makes my job easier and it looks like I scrubbed for hours when in fact I just aimed and sprayed. A great product.”

2. Easy Weekly Application

Most no-scrub shower sprays require daily applications to get optimal results. Who has time to spray their shower every single day?

Wet & Forget Shower keeps your shower sparkling with just one simple application per week. And our award-winning high-efficiency sprayer is so easy to use, you’ll be out of the bathroom and back to your life before you know it.

shower door cleaner

Terri Ramsey Beavers said on her blog, “Terri’s Little Haven“:

“One application was all it took AND it took less than 10 minutes to spray the tile in 2 bathrooms. I had my 6 – 8 hours of maintenance, woke up and what do you know? the stuff really works.

Do I think this is a 5/5 star rating product? Yep! I’m pretty sure this is the best cleaning product ever.”

Andrea Hatfield of the blog “Moody Mama Says” had this to say:

“I have thought about using those daily shower cleaners that you spray on and leave alone. But then I always forget to spray it on – oops!

I recently received a new shower cleaner to try called Wet & Forget Shower Spray. This spray is different than your typical once-a-day shower cleaners because you only use it weekly. I can remember that!”

Ann Amick said:

“Its Great..try it and you can’t clean shower without it. It works…..we have suggested it to others, they tried it and loved it also happy to find something that is so easy to use”

3. Powers through Soap Scum and Mold & Mildew Stains

Soap scum and mold and mildew stains are some of the toughest things to get rid of, and they can turn your shower into a disgusting mess. Soap scum clings to your shower so stubbornly that it can leave you scrubbing until your arms are sore, and still leave behind that dull, gross-feeling film.

Wet & Forget Shower wipes out these stubborn stains and keeps them from coming back, all with no scrubbing.

grout cleaner

Jan Simpson said:

“I had to special order through my local Ace. They told me to let them know how well it worked and if I liked it they would try to get it on the shelf. I LOVE IT!!!!

I have a shower that looks exactly like the one in the picture above. I was using straight bleach to try to get it clean and then being sick for several days. The first time I used the Wet and Forget, soap scum came off in sheets.

As long as I’m using the W&F regularly, no more mold and mildew because there is nothing for it to feed on. Clean shower, sparkling fixtures, no chemical odors, no sore throat from the chemicals.

Then I figured since the rest of the bathroom was exactly the same materials as in the shower, there was no reason I couldn’t use it there too. I use hair spray, my husband uses powder…we make cement that I have used everything in the book trying to clean. W&F lifted it right off, left everything clean and sparkly. (I did NOT use it on the wood cabinets.)

Since the floor is the same tile, I’m thinking I might give it a good spray and mop. My son just moved into his own home and I gave him a bottle of W&F. Now I just need to go back to ACE and re-order and see if they really will stock it for me.”

Anne G. said:

“Only product for the shower that has ever worked for me. I only purchased this because I’ve had such success with the original outdoor Wet and Forget and I was curious but honestly, I never dreamed it would work so well.

I sprayed it on and then later wiped down the shower with a magic eraser and our fiberglass surround was as smooth and clean as the day we moved in. Something (soap, minerals?) had been making it rough and nothing I tried solved the problem.

No nasty smells or fumes either. Can’t imagine how it works this well….but it does.”

“passionforpersians” said:

“Love Wet & Forget! I love this product! I have used Wet and Forget Moss,Mold, Mildew, Algae to remove the green algae from house & garage siding with great success. No fuss no muss just spray on according to directions and forget it and the algae disappeared.

I did not know Wet and Forget Shower existed until I heard it mentioned on a radio program last weekend. I ordered it and used it on a dirty shower overnight, rinsed it the next morning and soap scum and deposits were gone! This is one product I will not be without in the future!”

 wet forget shower

4. No Scrubbing… Really!

If you could somehow get away with not scrubbing your shower, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? Now you can!

Wet & Forget Shower sets you free from scrubbing your shower, and gets you back to your life. You have better things to do!

“Rascal” said:

“Wonderful. I don’t scrub the shower or bathtub. Or sink anymore! Once a week we spray the showers. No scrubbing nec. Ever.”

Nicole Elliott of the blog “Wyoming Girl Turned Coastie Wife” said this about her “before” and “after” shots from her 2-week trial of Wet & Forget Shower:

“Ta Da! I know–you might be saying “that looks just like the first picture” well…it does! But that’s really the good thing, it means that for 2 weeks all I’ve had to do is spritz the shower down-taking all of 2 minutes, and leave it. I *love* that!

So much easier than the weekly scrub down I was having to do that required me to change my clothes so the bleach wouldn’t ruin them and then scrub away awkwardly trying to not rub up against the spots I just did (with my short little arms that was quite the feat)!”

Jeff Patterson of the blog “Home Repair Tutor” said:

“I’d have to give Wet and Forget Shower an A+ for cleaning both tile and grout. For not doing anything more than spraying once a week and rinsing with water the results were pretty darn outstanding.”

Mrs J of the “iHeart-Motherhood” blog said:

“Wet & Forget Shower Was Super Easy To Use, No More Scrubbing For Me, You Know You Want A Bottle! ;)”


5. Subtle Vanilla Essence Scent

Many shower cleaners use harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia, and come with equally harsh chemical fumes. These fumes can burn your eyes and nose, and leave your bathroom smelling like a chemical waste plant instead of a relaxing refuge.

Wet & Forget Shower gets the job done without all those harsh chemicals. Our formula uses gentle chemistry that dissolves away the soap scum, body oils, grime and mold and mildew stains on your shower without damaging your shower or fixtures.*

Our gentle formula also comes with a subtle vanilla essence scent that smells more like spa day than cleaning day. We have even heard from customers who are sensitive to certain smells, and who love Wet & Forget Shower’s subtle vanilla scent.

“greyhounded” said:

“I wet it and forgot it … and it still worked! Wet and Forget does exactly what it is supposed to do; makes cleaning the tub and shower very quick and easy.

Living in an older building often presents you with problems from former residents, such as mold and mildew that was near to impossible to remove. After two weeks of Wet and Forget treatment the mold is almost totally gone. The walls and tub and even the bath fixtures are shiny clean.

I suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities and the mild aroma of this product did not bother me very much, even though I sprayed on more than is probably needed.”

Andrea Hatfield of the blog “Moody Mama Says” said:

“It also has a very mild and pleasant scent that is hardly noticeable, unlike the other cleaners that are so strong they burn your nose hairs.”

Jeff Patterson of the blog “Home Repair Tutor” said:

“The second reason Wet and Forget Shower is a good choice is that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals like chlorine, ammonia, or acid. It uses surfactants that make it hard for soap scum, mildew, and mold to cling to surfaces. Plus, it has a mild vanilla scent that even my wife (who has terrible allergies and asthma) doesn’t notice.”

Stephanie of the blog “Mammamioselle” said:

“Wet & Forget Shower Spray doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals – the company is committed to a ‘gentle solution.’ With other shower sprays I have used, the smell was often overpowering. The Wet & Forget has a mild scent and doesn’t overwhelm you when spraying it a small space like your shower. “

*As with any shower cleaner, test Wet & Forget Shower on an inconspicuous area before using it for the first time. Do not use Wet & Forget shower on natural marble.