5 Ways Wet & Forget Shower Beats Daily Shower Sprays

5 Ways Wet & Forget Shower Beats Daily Shower Sprays

There’s a good chance you’re left feeling disappointed when using a daily shower spray. Spraying your shower every single day is a hassle, and many no-scrub shower sprays smell horrible.

And if your no-scrub shower spray contains bleach, watch out–you could end up shelling out money to replace ruined shower curtains or rugs. And, speaking of money, all those bottles of daily shower spray you have to buy to keep your shower clean can really take a bite out of your budget.

If you’re done with all the hassle and mess, it’s time to try Wet & Forget Shower weekly no-scrub shower spray. Wet & Forget Shower will save you time, money and hassle, and leave behind a fresh vanilla essence scent.

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  • No Chemical Odors

Most no-scrub shower sprays produce an eye-stinging chemical cloud when you spray them, making you dread picking up the spray bottle. They can also leave your bathroom smelling like the public pool, which is not exactly a soothing fragrance.

Wet & Forget Shower zaps mold and mildew stains, oils, grime, and soap scum without all the nasty smells. Wet & Forget Shower’s soft vanilla essence scent is so relaxing, it will almost make you wish you needed to spray every day!

  • Saves You Money

Most of us have had to tighten our belts a little these past few years, and no one wants to spend more than necessary to get a clean shower. Because you only have to spray Wet & Forget Shower once a week, one bottle of Wet & Forget Shower contains 12 weeks of cleaning power, while a typical bottle of daily shower spray only lasts about 6 days.

When you add it all up, Wet & Forget will keep your shower clean for less than 1/3 the cost of the leading daily shower spray. That’s a bargain you don’t want to miss!

  • No Bleach or Ammonia

Non-abrasive Wet & Forget Shower uses gentle chemistry to clean soap scum, oil, grime, and mold and mildew stains and prevent future buildup. It does the work for you without the use of bleach or ammonia, which means that it is safe for all of your shower’s surfaces.

Products that contain bleach or ammonia can damage some types of bathroom fixtures, and permanently discolor rugs or shower curtains. After spending the time and money to design your bathroom just the way you wanted it, you don’t need to add new fixtures, mats or curtains to your shopping list!

Choose Wet & Forget Shower to clean your shower safely and avoid the chemical cloud.

  • Only Spray Once a Week

As busy as you are, the last thing you need is to add one more item to your daily to-do list. While you need to spray most no-scrub shower cleaners every day to get a clean shower, Wet & Forget Shower gets the job done by just spraying once weekly.

Our flexible, high-efficiency sprayer makes your job even easier by bending to reach every nook and cranny in your shower. Our special sprayer also puts out 65% more product with each squeeze of the trigger than the average shower sprayer, which gets you out of the bathroom and back to your life that much faster. You have better things to do!

  • Lots of Clean, Fewer Bottles

Wet & Forget Shower’s half-gallon bottle holds the same cleaning power of 14 typical bottles of daily no-scrub shower spray. A bottle of Wet & Forget Shower will last an average of 12 weeks, instead of the 6 days you get from most daily shower spray bottles.

This means fewer trips to the store to buy shower spray, and fewer bottles in your trash can or recycle bin. And our convenient online store makes it even easier to stock up on Wet & Forget Shower.

Break free from all the hassle and expense of daily no-scrub shower spray. Wet & Forget Shower makes cleaning your shower a breeze, while saving you time and money, and pampers your nose with its soft vanilla essence scent.

Try Wet & Forget Shower, and leave your daily shower spray behind!